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FORWAY Logistics

What We Do

Transportation Logistics

Complete managed transportation services, supply chain engineering and freight solutions.

Reverse Logistics

Management of the reverse flow of product, information, including value-added services such as test, repair and refurbishment; product recall management

Contract Packaging

Product packaging, postponement and kitting and assembly combined with distribution operations.

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehouse design and management and distribution services in both dedicated and shared, multi-customer environments

Equipment Rentals

We offer exclusive range of material handling equipments on rental basis.

In Plant logistics

Covers movements within the manufacturing plant of raw materials, components and sub-assemblies - either to or from stocking points or line-sides, for turning into finished goods, as well as bringing finished products out to the factory gate. Labor management, among others.

Services Include

  • Design and layout of production facilities for optimum materials flow
  • Design and implementation of storage and handling systems
  • Storage and distribution
  • Line feeding activities
  • Packaging activity
  • Container (BIN) management
  • Returnable management
  • Sample packing and shipping
  • Transportation scheduling and dispatch
  • Introduction of best-in-class logistics processes and procedures

Customized Supply Chain Solutions

  • In-depth appraisal of current Inbound Logistics model and Logistics processes
  • In-depth appraisal of current Outbound Logistics and Distribution model
  • Identification of gaps and optimization possibilities
  • Assessments of systems, process and resource requirement
  • Identification of objective and targets
  • Formulation of a logistics plan with process details
  • Establishment of measurement systems
  • Selection of appropriate vendors & flexibility of using FORWAY
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